Contact lenses helping children to enjoy everyday life and activities

Kid’s glasses are much improved from the basic ‘NHS’ glasses of the past. Our dispensing opticians are very active in looking for the latest styles. However there can still be embarrassment about wearing glasses, particularly at school. And some types of sports really benefit from good vision and correction, but taking part can be hindered and more difficult with glasses. We have found that contact lenses can work very well with children.

More and more children of younger ages are suitable for contact lens wear. This is thanks to the increasing power range in current contact lenses, and their improving design making them more comfortable and allowing better tolerance and extended wearing times.

We have children as young as 8 being successfully fitted with contact lenses, be it intermittent wear for sports, or full time wear during school days. We typically try to fit daily contact lenses to children to minimise the care regime with the lenses. These types of contact lenses have a very low eye infection risk.

At Wallwork Opticians we are very careful also not to ‘put off’ children for the future and if your child wants to try lenses and we feel they may benefit from waiting until they are a little older we are happy to advise you on this.



Contact Lens Scheme

Once you’ve been fitted with contact lenses, and are delighted with them, you have the option to save money by joining our contact lens scheme.



If you would like to discuss contact lenses for your child, call us now on tel: 0161 794 2454, or book an appointment, or send us a message today and we will be pleased to help you.