Specialist eye test to ensure your long term eye health

We see to the side as well as straight ahead. The area that we see overall is called our ‘visual field’.

Certain conditions can affect your ability to see as widely as before. For example, glaucoma and strokes alter the intensity of light needed for us to respond and ‘see’ the image. We carry out specific tests to measure your visual fields.


wall35The tests can be quite quick, particularly when done in a screening format. Sometimes, when we examine your eyes more specific tests may be required to give a greater depth of information so we can make a more informed decision about your eye health. There may be an extra charge for some of those additional tests.


The DVLA demand that your eyesight must meet various levels if you are a driver. The most well known requirement is an ability to read a car number plate at a prescribed distance. It also says there must be an adequate field of vision. That is assessed by the ‘Esterman Binocular Field Test’ which can be done for you at a cost of £30.

If you require a specific type of field test and it is not mentioned here please contact us either by calling us on 0161 794 2454 or pop in to the practice. We will be pleased to discuss and advise you further.