Specialist assistance for Low Vision impairment

‘Low Vision’ is defined as an impairment of visual function which can’t be corrected with conventional spectacles, contact lenses or medical treatment and which causes restriction in that person’s life. Low Vision is a disability which can substantially reduce the independence of a person and handicap their lifestyle significantly.

Life expectancy is increasing, but there is still no cure for some of the visually disabling conditions of old age such as Macular Degeneration. A number of studies have shown that falls in the elderly are associated with poor vision.

To address these problems, one of our dispensers – Tony – has studied to qualify as a Low Vision Specialist. He is now professionally qualified to offer personal, tailored support and advice.

When a Low Vision assessment is required, it is effectively an extension of the eye examination. The assessment includes supply of low vision aids, training in their use, guidance on the importance and correct usage of light and contrast enhancement, and advice on other modifications around the home and outside environment that will assist a more independent lifestyle. Low Vision appointments take around 30 minutes.

A Low Vision aid can be described as any piece of equipment used by a person with Low Vision to enhance their vision.

TV low vision aid

There are many different types of aids, such as distance telescopes, near vision magnifiers (illuminated/non illuminated), latest technology electronic devices, and also non optical. Whichever of these aids are provided to the patient,  they will be given full training and advice on how to use them.


The patient does not need to be registered as having a sight impairment to access our services.

In summary, during our Low Vision appointment, we educate the patient about their eye condition, help them to understand what options are available to make the most of their remaining vision, supply and give training on low vision aids and also provide links to local support services.

To understand more and see how our qualified practitioner can help you with this condition, please take a few minutes to view our video.

If you are interested in making an appointment to discuss your low vision needs please contact us on tel: 0161 794 2454, or book an appointment today, or send us a message now and we will be pleased to help you.