Glasses to suit your vision needs, style, and budget!

Dispensing at Wallwork Opticians is different from many other optical practices.


We have two dispensing opticians Nicky and Tony, both fully qualified and registered with FBDO and the GOC. Our job is to help you get the very best from your glasses. We aim for excellent vision, ideal fit and something that looks great.


We have a range of frames from budget to top-end, mainstream to individual. We have the latest iPad system to show you what your frames look like from all angles. We can even email pictures to you so that you can show family and friends!

We will give you the options of thinner, lighter lenses if necessary – with minimal or bold frames. We are here to advise and guide you until you are 100% confident that you have chosen lenses and frames that are exactly right for you.


As an independent practice, we can source our frames and lenses from anywhere. Although we sometimes use lenses from other manufacturers, we mainly focus on the Rodenstock range. This is because they have a great variety of options, excellent quality control and provide a very good service, whilst also recognising that value is important – something which we at Wallwork Opticians also strongly believe.

Not all lenses are equal in quality and, in particular, varifocal lenses can differ hugely.


We offer mainstream varifocal lenses, and also those which are individually designed to your prescription and to a specific frame on your face, like the ultimate bespoke Saville Row suit! We have a wide range of options and prices for you to choose from.

Our headline varifocal is the Rodenstock Impression® lens. To design this lens we use a Rodenstock ImpressionIST 3 measuring unit, which takes numerous measurements of the frame on your face, including the angle of the sides, the curvature of the front, and distance from your eyes to name but a few.

To understand more about how we fit the perfect glasses for you, please view our video and see what happens.

These measurements are sent to a laboratory to make up the lenses using the information from your 3D images. The outcome is a bespoke individual lens designed exactly for you.

With this new lens design we have very few people who do not adapt to their new varifocal lenses, even people who have had problems adapting to other designs.We are so confident you will be happy with your varifocal lenses that if you cannot adapt to them, we will refund the cost of the lenses!


Come in and talk to us and see how we can help. We can explain how the lenses work and what will suit your requirements best. Once you know what options are available to you – you will be better placed to make the best possible decision for your eyes.