Contact lenses – the look and lifestyle choices to suit you

Contact lenses are now better than ever. Thanks to technological improvements in recent years, contact lenses are now suitable for most people, even if you have a ‘difficult’ prescription.

Common misconceptions are children cannot wear contact lenses and you cannot wear contacts into old age, such claims have been dis-proven. We have successfully fitted children as young as 8 and we have patients into their eighties still happily wearing their contact lenses.

Contact lenses come in many different wearing options:

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  • Daily soft lenses that you throw away at the end of the day’s wear and are ideal for intermittent wearers.
  • Monthly soft lenses sometimes suit people looking to wear contact lenses more regularly which you take out each night but clean and store, reusing the next day for a month.
  • Hard lenses (or Rigid Gas Permeable RGP lenses) can last years if cared for correctly.


For people with astigmatism (which may have been described to you as a ‘rugby ball’ shaped front of your eye) we may need to use more specific toric lenses, and in patients over 40 we may need to start considering lenses to help you focus at different distances.




As independent opticians we can source contact lenses from different providers (we even have patients on Spanish / British and American lenses). This gives us the best chance of finding the perfect lens to suit you. As we actively fit contact lenses here, we can use our experience to find the right choice for you.

Our contact lens fitting appointments will aim to find the correct option for you, using our knowledge and expertise of what works and understanding what you are looking for in your lenses. We will aim to try lenses on this initial appointment if we don’t need to order specific trial lenses for you.


Contact Lens Scheme

Once you’ve been fitted with contact lenses and are delighted with them, you have the option to save money by joining our contact lens scheme.