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When light hits a reflective surface, such as water, snow or even cars and buildings, the creates glare that can interfere with your vision. Only polarised lenses can remove this glare by blocking out horizontal polarised light waves. Glare can be uncomfortable but can also become blinding and often dangerous as in the case of driving.
Ordinary tinted sunglasses only reduce the ambient light that reaches the eye. Polarised lenses reduce ambient light and block out the dangerous blinding glare. Polarised lenses also offer greater contrast, better colours and clearer details.

We at Wallwork have the expertise to help you choose the right protective sunglasses to suit your vision needs. We take into consideration your individual requirements and whether the sunglasses are for general use, for a particular sport or needed due to your working environment and occupation.


Snow Skiing

Eye protection for skiing is usually in goggle form and where a prescription is required, inserts maybe fitted. Snow reflects visible and UV light, increasing the overall brightness. Various tints and mirror coatings can be used depending on the expected weather conditions and your personal requirements.


A bronze tint should be used for skeet, clay-pigeon and trap shooting.

For black on white target shooting yellow tints offer good contrast. However, targets may vary in colour. For orange targets use an orange tint. Red and Pink tints are good for black and green targets and are also effective on orange targets; they also reduce the effects of a green background, grass, trees and shrubs. A red tint can improve colour differentiation for people with a colour vision problem.

Our shooting glasses come with prescription inserts and various coloured visors. We can advise you of the options available suitable to your individual needs.


Tints will vary according to the light conditions, but the purpose is mainly to enhance contrast. The spectacles are mostly wrap around and will benefit from a mirror coating due to the prolonged periods in the field increasing UV exposure. If you are interested in this type of eyewear, contact us and we can advise you further.

Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses perform a number of jobs, light tints provide more comfort for vision under normal light conditions and sun lenses provide protection against irritating glare and dangerous UV radiation.

Fashionable graduated tints give an attractive combination of design and function since they are the darkest where the sun’s rays hit the lens in the upper half. Irrespective of the colour of their tint, sun lenses always give you full protection against UV and glare, without restriction in the individual prescription.

Filter tints are lens colours which have a light tint of only 10 to 20 per cent. They are suitable for everyday wear and have a number of benefits such as reducing harsh artificial light, increasing contrast effect and seeing small details more clearly. All filter tints are available in your individual prescription.

Quality sunglasses for your protection

We use two main suppliers for our sunglasses range – Oakley and Wimbledon



Oakley Frames

Oakley offer frame materials using engineering breakthroughs in structural materials which allow them to produce lightweight, high performance frames that offer superior protection and comfort. Oakley use materials such as O Matter, C-5, Acetate, Titanium, Aluminium and Carbon Fibre.



Oakley Sun Lens Technology

Oakley lenses offer High Definition Optics (HDO) which virtually eliminates the distortion common in high-wrapped sunglasses. Oakley Plutonite offers UV protection and filters out 100% UVA,UVB,UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm. Performance sunglasses offer impact protection and HDPolarized lenses block 99% of reflective glare ensuring enhanced visual contrast and improved depth perception. The photo chromic lenses help you adapt to changing light conditions so you can always perform at your best.

Oakley Performance lens tints for Road, Grass, Trail and Water give optimum vision for specialised sports.




The Wimbledon range of sunglasses by Rodenstock offers a wide choice of plastic non-prescription, single vision, bifocal and progressive lens options in a variety of highly fashionable and classic styles. There is a great choice of fashionable tints in monochrome colours or with a graduated tint. Sun-contrast lenses offer enhanced vision even under harsh or diffuse light.

ourCollectionOurExperienceWe also stock a variety of other sunglasses ranges from other manufacturers, and of course you can also have tinted lenses in most of our frames.


If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please call us on tel: 0161 794 2454, or contact us or book an appointment today.