Lower costs and easy payments for contact lens wearers

After you have been fitted with contact lenses, you are eligible to join our contact lens scheme. If you do join our scheme you must remain a member for a minimum period of twelve months to receive the scheme benefits.

If you buy your lenses through the scheme, you pay a monthly direct debit and get:

  • A saving on the cost of the contact lens fitting fee
  • A saving on the cost of your contact lenses
  • A free annual full check-up covering your contact lenses / glasses and eye health.

(Children are often entitled to free eye health checks as part of the NHS scheme, if your child is eligible for a NHS test, we will refund you £20 or deduct this value from a future purchase from our practice)

  • Unlimited free emergency check ups throughout the year.
  • 25% off most glasses* (Children under 19 generally get help with their glasses, if eligible for that help the discount is deducted from any remaining cost)
    (*Ready Readers / Netline complete range / Sunglasses:  a 10% discount applies to these types)


The vast majority of our contact lens patients choose to benefit from being a part of this contact lens scheme. If you have a problem with your contact lenses, we want you to come in and see us so we can resolve it, not be worried about how much it will cost you.