Industrial prescription protective eye wear – to protect your precious eyes

Health and Safety at Work Regulations require employers to identify and evaluate workplace risk. At Wallwork Opticians we can suggest appropriate protective eye wear for your work environment and circumstances. This includes prescription lenses.

If your place of work has a ‘Company’ order form that stipulates the type of lens and lens material along with a range of frames, we are happy to stock samples and provide them to your employer’s requirements.

If you are a self–employed trader requiring protective eye wear we would perform a detailed assessment of your requirements and the type of hazards that are associated with your day to day work. We can then suggest suitable protective eyewear.

All orders for safety eye wear will be issued with a proper certificate at time of completion to ensure that necessary standards have been met.



DIY – Personal protection

There are many more accidents in the home than at work. DIY is an especially common cause of such accidents.

Hazards include flying particles, dust and chemical compounds, such as ammonia, acids and super glue.

To protect your eyes from these hazards there are various injection moulded polycarbonate goggles available. These can be supplied as non-prescription goggles for people who don’t require any correction to their vision as well as for those people who need suitable protection that fits over the top of spectacles they already wear.



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