Your child’s precious eye sight is very important to us

Children will often not flag up a problem with their vision. Even if their vision is poor, they only know how they see and they assume that everyone else is like them. Sometimes, one eye can see well whilst the other is poor. This seems fine to the child, until the ‘good’ eye is covered. When there is a discrepancy between the two eyes, it is more likely that a ‘lazy eye’ may develop – the earlier such a situation is addressed, the better the likely outcome for the rest of their lives.

At Wallwork Opticians we provide a special range of tests for children. We try to make each child feel relaxed and enjoy their eye test. It doesn’t matter if children can’t read or identify letters – we modify our methods using symbols and pictures, to make it easier and more enjoyable for them.


WW_Header Image_0005_Children 1We will discuss any concerns you have, along with any family history. After your child’s examination we will provide a full explanation of any issues.

If glasses are needed, our fully trained dispensing opticians will take care of you and your child; helping you to pick the right frames for your lenses.

We stock a range of frames suitable for the youngest of our customers through to the young teenagers who don’t especially want cartoon characters on their frames any more!

To find out about the development of vision in a child follow this link: Development of Vision

Contact lenses for children

We can also offer contact lenses for children. To explore the suitability of contact lenses for your child, contact us now or visit our practice. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements and, if appropriate, to book an appointment accordingly.

To make sure your child’s eye health is at its best: Book an eye test now

For more information and discuss your requirement further pop into our practice or contact us on Tel: 0161 794 2454 or via our contact form, we will be pleased to assist you.