COVID 19 UPDATE March 2020

Nobody knows what the next few months will bring but we wanted to update you on what we, at Wallwork Opticians, are doing to ensure we can continue to take care of our patients.

Wallwork Opticians are open, and we expect to remain so throughout this crisis, although we will have periods where our service is restricted to telephone and email in order to protect our incredible team of staff. We are of course taking every possible measure to ensure that we remain a safe space for all and an important part of this is to restrict the number of people who come into the practice.

Until further notice, we will be offering only what could be categorised as “high priority” appointments with our optometrists. So, if you are simply making an appointment for a routine check-up or eye examination then we ask that you postpone this until normal service has been resumed. If however you are having problems with your vision, have lost your glasses, or any other situation where you need our help, then we will do everything possible to ensure we are here to take care of you. However – please do not attend the practice unless you have been given a pre-arranged appointment from us.

If you need your glasses repairing urgently and you do not have a spare pair, then please contact us. If you need supplies of contact lenses and solutions, these can be posted to you without any additional charges. To request this service then either call the practice (0161 7942454) or email

By taking these steps now, we are confident that whatever the future brings we will be able to continue to provide the high standard of service you have always received.